In addition to its core offerings of officiation for weddings and memorials or funerals, Vermont Celebrants provides a breadth of services to support the development of ritual and ceremony to honor life transitions.

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas


What transitions are you experiencing or anticipating? Martha would love to chat with you for free and without obligation to explore possibilities! FREE Imagine ceremonies to mark and honor:


  • Baby Naming

  • Adoption

  • Coming of Age

  • Gender Transition

  • Blending Families

  • Divorce/Uncoupling

  • Croning

  • Renewal of Vows

  • Retirement

  • New Home/Home Sale

  • Organization/Corporate Transition

  • Terminal Diagnosis

  • Remission Milestone

  • Pet’s Death

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas


Vermont Celebrants loves the Do-It-Yourself spirit of many of our clients!

We’ve also seen too many ceremonies that were disappointingly flat, dull, or impersonal. So many missed opportunities breaks our heart!

Here’s how we partner with clients in other ways:


Prefer the intimacy of a friend or family member officiating your wedding? We can still add value and quality to your ceremony in two ways:

A private consultation can give your amateur officiant professional tips so as to deliver the ceremony like a pro!

Alternately, we can work with you to create the entire written ceremony, personalized for you, and hand it over to your chosen officiant for delivery at your wedding.

memorials & other ceremonies

You might wish to forego a celebrant for simpler or more intimate ceremonies. In these cases, a 1:1 consultation will give you:

  • more ideas to explore;

  • awareness and means of creating ceremonial flow;

  • reminders of ceremonial “nuts and bolts” and ways to manage them;

  • tips and tricks for holding ceremonial space;

  • greater confidence!

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas

Photo Credit: Martha Dallas


Vermont Celebrants is developing a suite of workshops led by Martha Dallas.

Are you curious about how ritual and ceremony can enrich your experience of the changes life brings? Want to meet kindred spirits and get practical tips as well as resources to fuel your creativity?

Themed workshops invite you to become part of the Celebrancy movement.


Vermont Celebrants’ core values are reflected in the presence we bring to our services. Whether planning with clients or officiating ceremonies, Martha Dallas is attentive and responsive; authentic, engaging, and warm.

Image Credit: SrA Joshua Strang

Image Credit: SrA Joshua Strang


It is YOUR worldview and beliefs which guide the artful elements Martha develops and expresses in each unique ceremony. Crafting your ceremony involves asking questions, listening a lot; then, weaving together the essentials that exemplify you or your loved one. Your ceremony offers to beloved friends and family an intimate connection with life’s essence, as it holds meaning for you or your loved one.  We deeply affirm your religious or spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof!). Whatever they may be; however clear or muddled, we support your expression them.

Photo credit: Martha Dallas

Photo credit: Martha Dallas


Essential to our process is listening. Over time, and through questions and conversation, Martha truly gets to know you. With each client, the unique story of you or your loved one gradually gets fuller and rounder. Curiosity and compassion attend our listening. We make and hold space for the essence of you or your loved one to unfold, sensitively welcoming the many attending emotions.

Image credit: Pixabay

Image credit: Pixabay


Our services are diversity-affirming at their core. Martha is a member of the queer community and honors and celebrates LGBTQ lives. We welcome and seek fullest inclusion not only of religious beliefs, but of all races, abilities, ages, cultures, ethnicities, and even species(!) that are represented in your - or your loved one’s - beloved circle. Ceremonial language, ritual actions, and multisensory elements are all incorporated with intention and welcome towards all.